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North Little Rock, Arkansas, July 1, 2016 – CarGurus, a leading consumer automotive car shopping website, today announced it has named Friendship Auto a “2016 CarGurus Top Rated Dealer.” The annual CarGurus Top Rated Dealer awards are presented to a select group of car dealerships that have received the highest average ratings from shoppers who have submitted dealership reviews on the CarGurus platform. CarGurus uses shoppers’ dealership ratings as well as comprehensive valuation analytics to help shoppers search their local marketplace and find the best car deals from the best dealers.

“We are thrilled to recognize Friendship Auto as a Top Rated Dealer,” said Bill Connelly, Director of Customer Success. “Based on CarGurus’ shoppers’ ratings, it is clear that the team is delivering a superior car shopping experience for their customers, and we applaud their high standards for excellence.”

★★★★★ “Dan has a collection of super clean cars on hand at all times. He is very fair with his pricing. Love doing business with him.”  – Tommy Dayer, April 18, 2017, Facebook
★★★★★ “Dan was honest easy to deal with – the car is great . I had been looking for a quick car for about a year and he made it easy to buy the car – sold it’s self – thanks Dan”  – Brian, March 22, 2017, CarGurus
★★★★★ “Easy to deal with I would recommend them.”  – 2door, March 20, 2017, CarGurus
★★★★★ “Though I have not purchased a car from Dan I can attest that he is a man of character. After a misunderstanding about a car he reached out and informed me of what happened and apologized for something that wasn’t his fault. I would have zero hesitation purchasing a car from him!”  – Mark Riopelle, March 11, 2017, Google Review
★★★★★ “Dan is probably one off the most honest car salesmen that I’ve worked with!  He’s great people!”  – Julie Harrelson, February 6, 2017, Facebook
★★★★★ “Dan is a great guy, and I would definitely recommend Friendship Auto.”  – Parker, February 22, 2017, CarGurus
★★★★★ “I was looking for a specific type of vehicle. Not pushy and got ahold of me when that type came in. Traded my Trailblazer SS in on a CTS-V. Dan is easy to work with and knowledgeable!”  – Coy Scott, February 6, 2017, Facebook
★★★★★ “Stopped by his dealership looking for a Scion FR-S for my brother and he went out of his way to locate one for him, we may have not bought it from him, but the experience was the best we’ve ever delt with and will be the only dealership we will buy from, for now on! Great guy! Very knowledgeable about cars too!”  – Zach Fowler, January 10, 2017, Google Review
★★★★★ “Incredible communication. Dan was prompt at answering all of my questions thoroughly. I could not recommend more!”  – Francine, October 18, 2016, CarGurus
★★★★★ “Representative of Friendship Auto contacted me in a timely manner and answered all of my questions concerning this vehicle.”  – MUNSONIE, September 13, 2016, CarGurus
★★★★★ “Dealing with Dan was the best experience I’ve had in years buying a car! It was great to finally meet an honest car salesman who makes you feel really comfortable in the whole process. We will definitely be back to buy another!”  – David Christian, August 26, 2016, Google Review
★★★★★ “Dan and Friendship Auto were great to deal with when we purchased our Corvette. He was so nice and super easy to deal with. We look forward to doing business with them again!”  – Jennifer Hardin, August 16, 2016, Google Review
★★★★★ “GREAT service. Purchased my Vette through Friendship Auto, and they went above and beyond to help me get it. They have earned a repeat customer!”  – Kody Robinson, July 20, 2016, Facebook
★★★★★ “Very professional.  Mr. Dan always answers any questions or concerns I may have about a vehicle . He really knows his stuff.  He always has the best of the best when it comes to vehicles . Top of the line for a really great deal! I would most definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a great vehicle!”  – Torian Coleman, July 19, 2016, Facebook
★★★★★ “I drove 475 miles to buy a 2012 Mazda MX-5 Miata from Friendship Auto last month. His price was much lower than comparable Miata’s in the Tulsa area. In reality there were no Miata’s that were even close to what he was offering when looking at price, mileage, and cleanliness of the car combined. He buys the best and sells the best! The Mazda he sold me was like brand new. He was easy to deal with and extremely helpful. I enjoyed the experience and will certainly look to him when I am in need again. Knowing Dan you could call him and ask him to watch for this particular make and model and he would find the best one out there for the most reasonable price. I encourage you to drive the distance to Jacksonville, AR, you will not be disappointed with Friendship Auto.”  – Ron Tremblay, June 30, 2016, Facebook
★★★★★ “I purchased a 2010 Camaro SS in April 2016 and could not be happier with my car or with the way the sale was handled. The car was exactly as described. If you are driving from out of town, do not hesitate to make the drive to Jacksonville, AR. I highly recommend Friendship Auto!!!”  -Stefanie Hoskins, June, 16, 2016, Facebook
★★★★★ “Absolutely amazing and honest family! Treated me and my husband as if we were old friends. Would highly recommend to anyone. Incredible dealership!”  – Casi Smith, June 13, 2016, Facebook
★★★★★ “Friendship Auto is without a doubt the best dealership I’ve dealt with. I would 100% make a deal with them again. It was so smooth and easy going!”  -Travis Clubbs, March 23, 2016, Facebook

★★★★★ “Best car dealership ever! Straight forward, warm service with no pressure. Honest fair deals. I have purchased cars from good dealerships and terrible dealerships, but this dealership was phenomenal! My husband and I are so thankful we found them. Beautiful family inside and out!”  -Krissy Marr McCurley, February 22, 2016, Facebook
★★★★★ “Brilliant place to shop for a nice ride. Low pressure, and great service. Will be dealing with them again in the future.”  -Payton Baker, February 20, 2016, Facebook
★★★★★ “Easily the best dealership experience I’ve ever had. The owners treated me and my wife like old friends of theirs, everything felt genuine and there was absolutely no hassle, hard-sells or negotiating tactics used. A thoroughly pleasant purchasing experience – the fact that I drove home in my dream-car of 10yrs was the icing on the cake. I only hope the next time I decide to trade, they have my desired vehicle in stock – I’d rather buy from them than from anyone else I’ve dealt with so far.”  -Alex Clark, February 14, 2016, Facebook
★★★★★ “Awesome experience from start to finish, no pressure, no hassle, just great service. Will definitely be back for our next vehicle.”  -James Stephen, February 11,2016, Facebook
★★★★★ “Great company! Great People! Great prices on good cars! Highly recommended-Eric Siebert, October 28, 2015, Facebook
★★★★★ “Dan is a car guy…passionate, knowledgeable and doing what he was meant to do for guys like me!  Great car and a great buying experience. Thank you.”  -Vince Iorio, October 21, 2015
★★★★★ “I really did my research on this guy before we purchased our Jeep from him. As someone with over two decades in law enforcement, I am jaded and skeptical of used car salesman. I found Dan extremely honest and personable. His style of “open everything up and let people have a look at you” works for me. We will be using him again and certainly recommend him to our friends and family.”  – Jim Potter, July 29, 2015, Facebook
★★★★★ “Made shopping for a vehicle seem easy! Greatly priced, no pressure, great customer service and friendly honest people! Would gladly recommend him!”  – Veronica Ozura, July 10, 2015, Facebook
★★★★★ “You can be sure it will NOT be like any car buying experience you’ve ever had before. Easy, honest, no hassles, no haggling, fairly priced. This is the way buying a car should be. Thanks Dan, God bless!”  – Mitchell Scott Mote, June 30, 2015, Facebook
★★★★★ “Fast response to questions. Very helpful.”  – Randy, June 4, 2015, CarGurus
★★★★★ “Great to work with, a great Christian man. We would use them again.”  – Jason Bowmaster, May 28, 2015, Facebook
★★★★★ “Dan Duvalian is one of the most honest, hardworking and sincere people in the car business!”  – David McCormack, May 22, 2015, Facebook
★★★★★ “Dan was awesome! Great customer service. My parents bought their new car today, and it was such a nice car at an excellent price! Thank you Dan! May God bless you with many more customers because you totally deserve it!”  – Mi Chiquis, May 21, 2015, Facebook
★★★★★ “Wonderful!”  – jnymk, April 21, 2015, CarGurus
★★★★★ “Great experience with Dan!! Fair price, great guy and we didn’t have to spend hours haggling and filling out paper work! Thank you, Dan! We’ll be back!”  – Tia Wind, March 13, 2015, Facebook
★★★★★ “Dan makes buying a car very easy. Down to earth guy. No pressure but will make sure you are a satisfied customer. Will return for next vehicle when needed. Thanks Dan!”  – Connie Hill, February 13, 2015, Facebook
★★★★★ “When I went up there, Dan had just sold the Altima. I looked around on his lot, and actually found a little Honda Civic and drove off in it that day! He really works with you and is super nice. If you are in the market for a used car, I would recommend going by to see him!”  – Heather, February 9, 2015, CarGurus
★★★★★ “Great experience! Not at all a typical used-car buying experience.”  – Bruce-Cindy Maurer, January 14, 2015, Facebook
★★★★★ “Very honest and down to earth.”  – Robert Criswell, October 7, 2014, Facebook
★★★★★ “Awesome customer service, and not at all forceful at trying to sell you a car. Very friendly and down to earth. Would recommend them to anyone!!”  – Tad Rensel, June 7, 2014, Facebook
★★★★★ “Amazing service!! Highly recommend!”  – Kristina Chudy, May 27, 2014, Facebook
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